Western Digital’s guide for choosing the right tech tools for your content creation needs

Chandigarh, February 14, 2024: Recent studies indicate a significant increase in the number of content creators in India, growing from 80 million creators in 2022 to an anticipated 100 million by 2023. However, with the overwhelming volume of content flooding social media platforms today, it has become increasingly challenging to find a niche for oneself. Content creators need to create unique and fresh content constantly and, as a result, they often handle a huge volume of data as they embark on their creative journeys. The selection of the right tech tools plays a key role in supporting their endeavours and these tips and tricks will offer smarter ways to upgrade PC performance – a crucial facet of this.

To start with, SSDs (solid state drives) can access larger files quickly, resulting in quicker boot times and performance, whether you’re working,or streaming content. For video editors, time is precious when working with raw data and heavy editing software. Consider using a WD Blue™ SN580 NVMe™ SSD, known for its quick speed and up to generous 2TB* of storage capacity. With speeds reaching up to a staggering 4,150 MB/s**1TB and 2TB models only) and the incorporation of nCache™ 4.0 technology, fast file copies are a breeze, and you’ll experience seamless performance, even with data-intensive applications. This will enhance your creative workflows with improved application responsiveness and extended battery life for uninterrupted productivity.

Another option to consider is – External drives, offering additional storage capacity, which is essential for storing large files, backups, and multimedia content. One such option can be the SanDisk Professional® G-DRIVE® enterprise-class hard drive, which is available in up to 22TB* of massive storage – perfect for backing up and accessing more HD photos, videos, and other content. Moreover, an external HDD complements your internal SSD, providing flexibility by allowing you to easily transfer data between different devices. Therefore, transferring your internal storage files can free up space and restore your computer’s smooth functionality.

Furthermore, a GPU upgrade, when compatible with the CPU and monitor resolution, significantly enhances computing experience. TraditionallyGPUs or Graphics Processing Units were used to enhance real-time 3D graphics applications, specifically in gaming. However, their applications have expanded to tasks like video editing and data-intensive processes with long rendering times. Whether you’re a professional gamer or simply seeking enhanced graphics performance, a GPU upgrade can make a significant difference in your computing experience. Moreover, a better central processor or main processor aka CPU upgrade will offer an immediate performance boost to your PC. Addiotnally,  invest to know your PC better, this will enable you to do things such as changing process priority to increase your CPU’s power. You can assign specific CPU core to certain program, which will enable your do these tasks more smoothly.

Video editing can be a daunting task. But with right tools and software applications it can be fun! The right software can offer shortcuts and automation tools to accelerate your workflow, making it less cumbersome. Another factor to consider is compatibility; your software must align with your hardware, which is crucial for high-resolution projects. Finally, opting for the right software is a cost-effective long-term investment, ultimately leading to the creation of higher-quality content with ease.