Glammy Awards Auditions Showcase Elegance and Talent at Satva Skybar, Elante Mall Chandigarh

Chandigarh, November 24, 2023 :

Mr and Miss City Auditions Several Contestants took part in the Talent Hunt

The glamour and fashion enthusiasts of Chandigarh witnessed a spectacular display of talent at the Glammy Awards auditions, held on November 24, 2023, at Satva Skybar in Elante Mall. Over 100 participants from diverse backgrounds and ages showcased their style and charisma, competing for prestigious titles in the Miss, Mr., Mrs., and Kids categories. The event, organized by the visionary Dr. Sachin Goyal, drew attention from prominent figures in the world of glamour and fashion, who served as esteemed jury members. Their discerning eyes ensured that only the most exceptional talents would secure a spot in the coveted finals. Distinguished by the presence of senior BJP leader Advocate Saurabh Joshi as the Chief Guest, the Glammy Awards auditions reached new heights of sophistication. Mr. Verma’s gracious presence added a touch of prestige to the occasion, emphasizing the significance of the event in the cultural landscape of Chandigarh.

Participants, eager to make their mark, embraced the competitive spirit by paying a registration fee of Rs 999/-. In return, they not only gained the opportunity to showcase their skills but also enjoyed a vibrant dance party and indulged in an unlimited veg/non-veg buffet, creating an immersive experience at the audition venue. The auditions concluded successfully, setting the stage for a high-end glam event that promises to be a celebration of beauty, talent, and style. As the Glammy Awards move forward, anticipation builds for the grand finale, where the winners will be crowned and recognized for their exceptional contributions to the world of glamour. The icing on the case is that the winners will most probably be getting roles in movies and Web-series produced by Modisena and Glammy. Miss Mahira won the title of Princess of Chandigarh, Master Sonaksh Verma won the title of Prince of Chandigarh, Mr. Rakesh won the title of Mr. Chandigarh and Miss Praveen Milly won the title of Miss Chandigarh, lastly Mrs. Bharti Kashyap won the title of Mrs. Chandigarh.