History of FA Cup of Emirates

The FA Cup, also known as the Emirates FA Cup for sponsorship reasons, is the oldest national football competition in the world. It’s an annual knockout tournament involving hundreds of teams from the top levels of English and Welsh football, all the way down to semi-professional and amateur teams.

Here’s a quick overview of the FA Cup:

  • History: First played in the 1871–72 season, the FA Cup is steeped in tradition and has produced some of the most iconic moments in English football history.
  • Format: The competition is a knockout tournament, meaning that each team can only lose once. If the scores are level after 90 minutes, the match goes to a replay.
  • Teams: Over 700 teams compete in the FA Cup, from Premier League giants like Manchester United and Liverpool to non-league minnows playing in front of a few hundred fans. This is what makes the FA Cup so special – it gives every team, regardless of size or stature, a chance to win the famous trophy.
  • The Trophy: Lifting the FA Cup is a dream for every footballer. The iconic trophy, nicknamed “Old Big Ears,” is one of the most recognizable pieces of silverware in world sport.
  • Current Champions: Manchester City are the current holders of the FA Cup, having beaten Manchester United in the 2023 final.

The FA Cup is much more than just a football match. It’s a magical competition that brings people together from all walks of life. It’s a chance for underdogs to giant-kill, for fans to dream, and for history to be made.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about the FA Cup:

  • The most successful club in the competition is Arsenal, with 14 titles.
  • The largest attendance for an FA Cup final was 122,391 at Wembley Stadium in 1952.
  • The most goals ever scored in an FA Cup final was 12, in the 1899 replay between Sheffield United and Derby County.
  • The smallest club to ever reach the FA Cup final was Sutton United, a non-league team who faced Arsenal in 1998.

The FA Cup is a truly special competition. It’s a reminder that anything is possible in football, and that dreams can come true.