Salaar Movie Starcast

Delayed Release of Salaar Movie Audience Gets Upset

The upcoming action film “Salaar,” starring Prabhas and directed by Prashanth Neel, has been embroiled in some controversy recently. Here’s a breakdown of the main issues:

1. Casting Choice:

  • Some fans of Kannada cinema expressed disappointment with the casting of Telugu superstar Prabhas in the lead role.
  • They felt that Prashanth Neel, a rising director in Kannada cinema, should have prioritized local talent over choosing a pan-Indian star like Prabhas.
  • This sentiment sparked the hashtag #KannadaForKannadigas on social media.

2. Multiplex Chain Controversy:

  • The film’s release in South India faced challenges with major multiplex chains like PVR, Inox, and Miraj Cinemas.
  • The makers of “Salaar” alleged that these chains were favoring Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film “Dunki” by allocating more screens, leading to limited screenings for “Salaar.”
  • This resulted in the #BoycottPVRInox hashtag trending on social media, with fans expressing their displeasure with the perceived unfair treatment.

3. Single-Screen Theaters:

  • Reports emerged that the team of “Dunki” allegedly pressured single-screen theater owners in North India to exclusively showcase their film, bypassing “Salaar.”
  • This led to a strong response from the single-screen association, who refused to screen “Dunki” in protest.
  • The situation further escalated the “Salaar” vs “Dunki” rivalry.

4. Ticket Pricing Discrepancies:

  • In Andhra Pradesh, “Salaar” tickets were priced at a significantly lower rate compared to Telangana, raising concerns about unfair pricing strategies.
  • This discrepancy further fueled the controversy surrounding the film’s release.

Current Status:

  • The makers of “Salaar” have decided to pull the film from PVR Inox and Miraj Cinemas in South India in response to the alleged bias.
  • The film is still scheduled to release on December 29, 2023, but the controversy has undoubtedly impacted its pre-release buzz.

Overall, the “Salaar” controversy highlights the complex dynamics of the Indian film industry, particularly the tensions between regional and pan-Indian cinema, and the challenges faced by filmmakers in navigating distribution channels. It remains to be seen how the film will perform at the box office amidst this controversy.