New Punjabi Web Series  announced “25 25 50,” starring Hip-Hop Singer Preet Harpal, Shehbaz Badesha & Mehraaj Singh —Shooting will start soon

Chandigarh, April 21, 2023: HF Production, in association with YT Production, conducted a press conference today and announced their new Punjabi web series, “25 25 50“. This web series will be released in both Hindi and Punjabi. 

After making a distinct name for himself in the industry as a singer, Shehbaz Badesha is now coming to entertain the audience with his new Punjabi web series “25 25 50“, Along with him, Punjabi industry-renowned singer and actor Preet Harpal & Mehraaj Singh will be seen in the lead role. We will soon see their pair on screen. The story and screenplay of the web series have been done by Taj, a writer famous for his exceptional work in movies, television, Lover, Chaupal’s originals, Dustbin, etc. This project will be executed under his supervision. 

India’s youngest DJ Hardik who is a famous musician from Mumbai, has debuted as a music director in the Punjabi industry with this web series.

Preet Harpal, the lead actor in the web series, said, “I have worked in many films before, but I was very drawn to the story and original concept of this film and consider working in this series as a golden opportunity. I hope the audience will like my character in this series.”

Expressing his happiness at the announcement of his first Punjabi web series, Shehbaz Badesha said, “I am very happy to be a part of this web series. It is going to be a new beginning for me as an actor in the Punjabi industry, which I am very happy about. I can’t put it into words. I’m looking forward to starting to shoot for it soon. I hope the audience will love this web series on my first debut.”

The Director of the web series, Taj, expressed his happiness by saying, “I have always been trying to do different projects, which is why I am attached to this web series. I hope the hard work of all the stars of the series will bring colour.”

D.J. Hardik Debuting in the Punjabi industry with this web series, said, “I am very excited to be a part of this project. I have worked on many songs, but I consider this a golden opportunity to join the Punjabi industry.”

Lead actor Mehraj Singh says, “I am very happy to be a part of this web series. I am looking forward to the shooting of the film soon. I hope the audience will like me in the role of the series.”