LEAD is improving education of children in schools of Punjab

Aims to improve education outcomes of 200,000 state students

Chandigarh : India’s largest school edtech unicorn LEAD is building student confidence while improving learning outcomes in schools across Punjab. LEAD’s NEP friendly Integrated School System through its International Baccalaureate curriculum, multi modal methods of teaching and learning and technology enabled facilities ensures that students get in-depth understanding and expertise across all subjects. So far, about 75 schools in Punjab have implemented LEAD’s Integrated School EdTech system, benefiting about 30,000 students studying in them. In addition, around 800 teachers teaching in Punjab’s schools have also been trained and certified by LEED.

There is a huge difference in the quality of education between schools in metros and big cities of India and schools in tier 2 cities. Lead works to remove this deficiency. LEAD’s Integrated School EdTech system is available in about 3000 schools across 400 big and small cities in India. It is directly benefiting 12 lakh students and about 25,000 teachers are being trained and made more competent. After associating with LEAD, the students studying in the school gain the confidence to achieve success in life and this is due to future important life skills taught in these schools – communication, team work and critical thinking, is possible from

 Sumeet Mehta, Co-Founder & CEO, LEAD, says, “”A child in India spends 6-7 hours in school each day. Yet only a fraction of these students – those studying in high-fee schools in India’s metros – enjoy access to internationally benchmarked., high-quality education. At LEAD, we are committed to changing this by empowering schools across India with our integrated School Edtech System. Punjab is an important part of this vision, and we will continue to focus on growing our presence in the region as part of our aspirations to reach 60,000 schools and 23 million students over the next 5 years.”

  Talking about LEAD, Sri Sri Mangal Singh, Director, St. Soldier Elite Convent School, Amritsar said, “St. Soldier Elite Convent School was started in 2004 and today our school is one of the leading schools in Punjab. We were looking for an integrated school system that blends modern curriculum, creativity and technology to make our students confident and future ready. Lead met our need perfectly.”

Mr. Amitoj Grewal, director of Montessori Public School, says, “When teachers are given the right education tools and goals, the education results of the students will automatically start improving. This is the transformation we have experienced after associating with LEAD, thanks to their Teacher Training Modules, Objective Lesson Plans and Classroom Management System. The children studying in our school are now able to understand their subjects better and there has been a lot of improvement in their studies. In addition, many of our students have also worked on interesting projects such as website building under LEED’s Coding and Computational Skills (CCS) program.

Mrs. Lovepreet Kaur, mother of Yuvraj Singh, a student of St. Soldier Elite Convent School, says, “I am seeing a good change in my son’s studies. Here the method of teaching with activity and learning by doing is very good. My son has now started studying by understanding concepts, whereas earlier he used to study only by memorization without understanding.” LEAD helps school administrators to make school operations better and more effective. The skill development of the teachers of these schools and their teaching methods are made more efficient. Along with this, it helps in improving the rapport between the parents and the school. LEAD is solving some of the biggest problems faced by affordable private schools in Punjab, including recruiting quality teachers, creating a holistic curriculum, improving students’ spoken and written English skills, planning an academic calendar, organizing Lack of lesson plans, multi-modal learning and using the right technology for a holistic school education. LEAD affiliated schools now get more admissions and are becoming more preferred among parents. LEAD is one of the few EdTech companies in the world today, which guarantees to make students experts in their subjects. LEAD’s ELGA (English Language and General Awareness) program teaches students English as a skill and provides progress in just one year that would be achieved in 1.5 years. In addition, through national level platforms like LEAD Student Championship, students get modern and comprehensive education experience. Students participating in this championship also get various opportunities to grow further. On the other hand, in the master classes conducted by LEAD, experts and celebrities of various subjects teach important skills and new things to the children.