The daily innovation in digitalization and technology has revolutionized the market in the present times. Due to these changes different types of new jobs are coming in the market. All that is needed is to prepare yourself according to different fields. With the various demands of the market and the changes taking place in the field of technology, the students of Parul University have also achieved new heights and created a new identity for themselves. The students here have made their place in the biggest companies of the world. These companies are mainly Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, SAP etc.

Gunjan Pandya, an alumnus of Parul University, got an opportunity to work in the world’s largest social network company Facebook. While working with Facebook, Gunjan worked on several important projects as a Data Engineer. Along with this, another student of Parul University, Dhairya Kikani, has worked with the biggest search engine Google. During this tenure, he has worked in Google USA as Senior Supply Manager.

Along with Facebook and Google, Parul University students have also secured jobs in leading online stores and distribution companies such as Amazon. Jai Vaidya, an alumnus, is currently working as a Senior Cloud Technical Manager in Amazon, USA. His job in the company was to provide technical service and computing solutions. Neil Shah, an alumnus of Parul University’s Institute of Engineering, is working with Datalog AI, a leading artificial intelligence company. Sharing his experience of studying at Parul University, Neil Shah said, “The contribution of Parul University has been instrumental in giving such a strong start to my career. I got a lot of benefit from the practical training received from there. The training provided there in the form of academic and extracurricular activities contributed a lot in my career.

The teaching technique here is based on the development of practical and technical abilities of the students. To do this, the University has set up a dedicated Career Development Unit. Which works for the development of skills and abilities necessary for a career in students. University President Dr. Devanshu J. Patel says, “It is indeed a matter of pride for us to see our students working in the best of international level companies. Parul University is committed to develop professional qualities in the life of students for leading companies of the world.