When will Nayan expose Jasmine?

Chandigarh, 8th April 2023: Zee Punjabi’s show ‘Nayan-Jo Vekhe Unvekha’ has so far shown that Nayan tries to find the real father of Jasmine’s baby, with the help of Shamsher.

Nayan makes every effort to prove Devansh’s innocence and collect proof against Jasmine. Nayan meets Shamsher in order to make a sketch of Saksh named Sunny. Devansh and Nayan have been tolerating Jasmine’s every move so far and now she demands Nayan leave Devansh’s room. Despite all this, Rita and Pompey are planning a new conspiracy against Devansh and Nayan for which Pompey will meet Tantric Baba.

Will Nayan and Shamsher find out about the father of Jasmine’s baby? What is Pompey planning against Nayan and Devansh? To find out the answer watch today’s episode of ‘Nayan Jo Vekhe Unvekha’ at 8:30 PM only on Zee Punjabi.