Jasmine and Rita’s new plots will twist Nayan’s life

Chandigarh, 3rd April 2023: With a new turn of events in the story of the show Nayan-Jo Dekhe Unvekha, the upcoming episode of Nayan-Jo Dekhe Unvekha is taking an interesting turn.

As everyone knows, Jasmine claims to be the mother of Devansh’s child in front of Nayan and the entire family. Nayan assures Devansh that she will find proof of his innocence. On the other hand, Darji decides to let Jasmine stay in the house so that he can monitor her every move and find the real father of her child. Rita confronts Nayan with her new plan and Nayan twits the plan by promising Rita that she will transfer all the property to Jasmine’s name on the wedding day.

Will Rita and Jasmine succeed in their moves? What is Nayan planning to finally expose these two? Watch the exciting episodes of Nayan-Jo Dekhe Anvekha at 8:30 PM on Zee Punjabi this week.