E-Smart Launches its first Flagship Premium Grocery Store in Sector 79 Mohali
Chandigarh – E-smart Enterprises Ltd., has announced the launch of its leading Supermarket and Premium Grocery Mart at SCO 17-18 Sector 79, Mohali and its E-Smart Kitchen Basket as well as its online store at www.esmartenterprises.com.

The E-Smart Enterprises has come out with a unique concept of providing Healthy and Quality Food at affordable prices to all segments of society. It will offer a wide range of Kitchen Family Baskets such as Family Basket, Couple Basket and Welfare Basket. The basket contains all the items which are used in the Kitchen on daily basis and all items ae Nutritious.

E-Smart Enterprises aims to provide a convenient and hassle-free online shopping experience to its customers. Customers can choose from over 5000 products across various categories such as bakery and dairy products, organic products, beverages, snacks, staples, personal care and household items. Customers can also avail of attractive discounts and offers on selected products. All these items are available ONLINE as well as on its Mart. The Kitchen Basket and all its products shall be delivered at customers’ doorstep Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula.

All the products are sourced from trusted suppliers and undergo strict quality checks before being packed and shipped. ESmart Enterprises also follows all the safety and hygiene protocols to ensure the health and well-being of its customers and staff.

We aim to become the preferred online supermarket and grocery store for our customers in TRYCITY and nearby areas.” said Sh. Balbir Singh Uppal, Chairman E-smart Enterprises Limited

S. Balbir Singh Uppal said that the era of inflation is sky-high, and the prices of every product, from household items to every commodity, are increasing day by day. The middle-class families are struggling with this inflation, and it makes their life even harder. With all these problems in mind, the E-Smart Enterprises has launched its online and offline stores with affordable prices in the market. In this store, all food items that are used at home will be available at reasonable prices with world-class quality. The E-Smart Enterprises has kept the prices of all food items lower in comparison to other items available in the market. In addition, the E-Smart Company has also launched four new types of baskets, keeping simplicity in mind. This includes Couple Basket, Family Basket, Welfare Basket, and Extended Family Basket.

The Launch Price of Welfare Basket is Rs. 1499/- and contains 27 items which are sufficient for 7-10 days. Going by this even a daily worker may fulfil his family need for 7-10 days. He and his family will be able to taste the quality products and will save at least Rs. 1000/- per week on grocery items.

Similarly the Couple Basket costs Rs 1999/- and contains 38 items and Family Basket costs Rs. 2999/- and contains 48 items. All these baskets are sufficient for 7-10 days needs of a family.

The motto of the company is to provide healthy and quality food to all strata of society particularly the middle and lower segment as affordable prices. By giving all products in a basket one is also free from making list of items to be purchased.

Mr. Uppal also informed that one can customise the basket as per his/her needs and Company aims to open its Grocery Store at 12 locations in this financial year.