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Blackpink is the biggest name in South Korean pop music. It is a fusion group of four girls in Korean pop music. These girls are rocking the world. The way BTS is the name of a group of boys in pop music, similarly the name of the most popular group of girls is Blackpink. The main singer of this group is Lisa, whose full name is Lalisa Manoban. Today we are going to tell you the complete life introduction of Lalisa Manoban in this article. So let’s start what’s the delay. Will read it till the end and definitely share it.

Lisa aka Lalisa Manoban is the most beautiful and talented rapper of this group i.e. Blackpink. With his presence, the band is becoming one of the biggest names in pop music. Although the four girls of this group are very famous in their own right, but the craze that is seen all over the world about Lisa is not seen for any other rapper in today’s time.

Lisa of Blackpink has become a billionaire today through this pop group. He has so much money that even many big stars of Bollywood do not earn that much. Today everyone searches on Google about Lisa, who takes crores of rupees for each show. Lisa looks like an exact copy of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s daughter Aaradhya. Very soon a program of the very beautiful Lisa is going to be held in India as well, for which tremendous craze is being seen among the fans of pop music of the country.

So let’s first of all tell you who is Lisa and how this world’s biggest girl became the most important face of pop music. Where do they come from and how much property do they currently have. We are going to give you all the information about them below.

Lisa Manoban’s Childhood and Primary Education

Lisa was born on 27 March 1997 in Thailand. Her childhood name was Pranpriya Manobal but later she changed her name. There is a story behind it which I will tell you below. For the time being, know that Lisa was a very intelligent student in her childhood. He had an affinity for music since childhood.

Growing up listening to Korean pop music, Lisa thought in 7th grade that she too would be a part of Korean pop music one day. Lisa was still very young when her parents got divorced and in a way a mountain of sorrows broke in Lisa’s life.

Lisa’s mother’s condition worsened and she was married to Marco Bruschweiler, a cook. Marco Bruschweiler lived in Bangkok, so Lisa had to move to Thailand with her mother. Even after coming here, Lisa did not give up her love for pop music and worked hard to be selected in the K-pop singing competition for Korean pop music. Know under Lisa Blackpink biography in hindi why father was against