The reason for the suicide of Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey is not yet clear. Akanksha was originally a resident of Bardahan village in Chauri Bazar area of Bhadohi. His maternal grandfather is in Vindhyachal of Mirzapur. People associated with Bhojpuri film industry say that Akanksha was close to a Bhojpuri singer. According to the police, Akanksha was in a live-in relationship with the Bhojpuri singer in Taktakpur area of Varanasi. Due to the misbehavior of the singer, she started feeling sad. Because of this she was depressed. The singer was not found in his room when the police went. However, the estrangement and controversy with the singer had no effect on Akanksha’s work. The police is trying to find out the call details of the actress’s mobile, to whom she had last spoken. Who was she with? Whose party did you go to? According to the police, the call detail of the mobile will prove to be an important link in solving the mystery of the case.

Akanksha Dubey, who returned after attending the birthday party late on Saturday, did not open the door of her room on Sunday morning. After lakhs of efforts, when the door opened with the master key, the inside view was astonishing. Akanksha was sitting on her bed with a scarf tied around her neck with the help of a fan hook.

When the door of Akanksha’s room was opened on Sunday morning, her bathroom tap was open. Police is tracing the cab in which Akanksha went to the birthday party. Along with this, it is also being ascertained that which young man had dropped Akanksha till the hotel room.

Akanksha got out of the cab around eight o’clock on Saturday night, saying that she was going to a birthday party from a hotel in Sarnath area. Hotel general manager Ritesh Kumar Mehta told that when Akanksha came to the hotel, she was staggering. He was accompanied by a young man of about 25 years wearing a black shirt.