Bharat Rice at 29 Rs Per KG

  • In February 2024, the Indian government launched a rice distribution program called “Bharat Rice” to provide affordable rice to the public.
  • This initiative aims to alleviate the impact of rising rice prices, particularly for low-income households.
  • Under this program, “Bharat Rice” is sold at a subsidized rate of ₹29 per kilogram.
  • It is currently available in 5kg and 10kg packs through large e-commerce platforms and select Fair Price Shops in India.

Bharat Rice packs

2. A brand name for rice:

  • Several private companies in India use “Bharat” as part of their brand names for rice products.
  • These brands offer a variety of rice types, including basmati, long-grain, and parboiled rice.
  • The quality and price of these brands can vary depending on the specific product and company.

Therefore, to understand what “Bharat rice” means, you need more context.

If you’re interested in the government initiative, you can search for news articles or visit the official website of the Department of Food and Public Distribution.