Nikki Haley is not ready to back down in the presidential race, said on the contest against Trump – I will fight

Nikki Haley said that she never chose the easy path. There are elections in America and Donald Trump should know that they do not rig elections. Haley claimed that many Republican politicians are afraid of Trump.

Indian-American Republican candidate Nikki Haley is not ready to back down in the presidential race. Despite trailing his rival former President Donald Trump in the South Carolina primary, he is set to remain in the presidential race.

Addressing a crowd in South Carolina, Nikki Haley said, “I’m not afraid to speak the hard truth. I think there’s no need to kiss the ring. I have no fear of Trump’s retaliation. I’m not afraid of anything from him.” “I don’t want to. I’m not worried about my political future. So I listen to what the political class has to say. I also want to hear from the American people.”

Nikki’s claim about Trump

Nikki Haley, 52, claimed that many Republican politicians are afraid of Trump. She said, “I refuse to step down. South Carolina goes to the polls on Saturday, but I will continue to fight for the presidency. I am not going anywhere. I am campaigning every day and will continue to vote until the last person votes.” I will keep campaigning till I can do it. I believe in the bright future of America and the children. Nothing in life comes easily. I am ready to bear everything for this.”

Nikki trailing behind Trump

Nikki Haley further said, “I have never chosen the easy path. We have an election here and Donald Trump should know that we do not rig elections.” She made it clear that after this she would neither contest for the post of Vice President nor for the post of President in future.

She said, “If I was contesting for some bogus reason, I would have exited the race long ago. Some candidates have done that. They have their own plans. I am not making assumptions about them. I am not supporting them.” “I am fighting for what is right. I don’t care what party leaders and political parties want.”

Haley said in an email to her supporters that she was not dropping out of the presidential race. Let us tell you that former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is trailing Donald Trump in her home state.