XPay Life New UPI Scan Payment App from Mobiles

Chandigarh 13th April, 2022:

XPay.Life showcases its unique offerings and discusses future initiatives like the upcoming UPI launch for the Chandigarh market with a view on digital financial inclusion for Punjab & Haryana

Chandigarh, 13th April 2022: With plans to offer exciting new services like UPI to customers and showcase its unique current offerings, XPay.Life held an interactive media meeting in Chandigarh, today. The event took place in presence of the Founder & CEO of XPay.Life, Mr.Rohit Kumar, and COO, Mr. Deepak Ananth.

Xpay.Life is working to digitize the payment methods and provide customers with a variety of options wherein the customers can pay their bills at their convenience. This will also focus on empowering and providing opportunities to local entrepreneurs especially at the village level. The digitisation will take place in 3 methods, using the blockchain transactional framework.

The first method would be through intelligent point of sales machines where customers can pay their bills through any mode of payment be it cash or UPI. In the second method, Touch Screen Kiosks will be deployed at different locations so that customers can choose their own time and method of payment.

The third option for the customers which is also the most innovative one is the Bank on Wheels where instead of getting the customer to come to the counters of banks,  the services will now travel to the customer. The XPay.Life Mobile Van will travel to the locations of the customers on select days of the week, enabling payment through both touch screen kiosks and Mobile PoS installed inside the van.  The Mobile Van will be a full spectrum service provider wherein the customer can access any of the utilities like LPG booking, Mobile bill payments, Electricity bill payments, Insurance payments, DTH recharges and much more.  These Mobile Vans are provided to various DCCBs and RRBs and till now XPay.Life has deployed more than 100 Mobile Vans in different states of India. The Mobile Van solution will save time and effort of the customers and help educate them on how to use digital platforms for various initiatives provided to them by the Government. The biggest factor is also that all the machines inside the Mobile Van are powered by Solar energy and a UPS that charges when being driven around. A truly green initiative!

On this occasion, Mr.Rohit Kumar, Founder & CEO of XPay.Life said, “We are one of the most enterprising fintech start-ups of the country. Our aim is to make life simpler with secure transactions and innovations. Our intelligent PoS machines and Mobile Vans are one of our most innovative and meaningful offerings. This is the beginning of our initiatives towards supporting a financially inclusive digital India and we look forward to introducing more new offerings in the near future to further enable this initiative.”

Mr. Deepak Ananth, COO of Xpay.Life added , “ We are excited about our unique offerings for the Chandigarh market and are looking to go deep into this market, simplifying payments and more financial transactions for the general public. Along with our partners and technology we aim to bridge the gap of financial inclusion and truly digitise various financial offerings.”


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