Tunisha Sharma hanged herself after lunch with Sheezan Khan

Tunisha Sharma hanged herself after lunch with Sheezan Khan

Tunisha died 15 minutes after having lunch with Sheezan Khan

Police is strictly investigating the Tunisha suicide case. While earlier the police clarified that the actress was not pregnant, it has now emerged in the investigation that Sheejan and Tunisha had lunch together in the make-up room at 3 am on the day of the incident. Tunisha had committed suicide 15 minutes after having lunch. The police is now trying to find out what happened between 3 pm and 3.15 pm that Tunisha took this extreme step.

Director of 'Fitoor' Abhishek Kapoor expressed grief

Tunisha Sharma started her career in Bollywood with the romantic drama film 'Fitoor'. In this film, the actress played the childhood character of Katrina Kaif. Expressing grief over the death of the late actress, director Abhishek Kapoor said- 'I am shocked and very saddened by the demise of Tunisha Sharma. I worked with her in 'Fitoor', she was a young, talented and disciplined actress of 13 years. This is so heartbreaking. May his family rest in peace. Hari Om.'

SIT investigation demanded

The All India Cine Workers Association (AICWA) has demanded a 'Special Investigation Team' (SIT) probe into Tunisha Sharma's death. Suresh Gupta said that today he visited the set where Tunisha Sharma allegedly committed suicide. He said - 'Something wrong has definitely happened there. The government should pay attention to this matter and investigate it by forming an SIT. A lot will come to the fore.

Tunisha's last rites will be held tomorrow

After the death of Tunisha Sharma, her post mortem report has also come to the fore, in which suffocation is being told as the cause of her death. Not only this, an update has also come out on the funeral of the actress. According to the reports, Tunisha Sharma's last rites will be performed on December 27 i.e. tomorrow.

Tunisha's uncle disclosed

Late actress Tunisha Sharma's uncle Pawan Sharma said that the actress had an anxiety attack about 10 days before the incident. He said- 'Tunisha and Sheejan came close to each other as soon as the Alibaba show started. About 10 days ago, Tunisha also had an anxiety attack. After this he was admitted to the hospital. When her mother and I went to meet her, Tunisha told that something wrong had happened to her. He has been cheated.

Friend Reem Sameer Sheikh remembered Tunisha

Everyone is deeply shocked by the news of Tunisha Sharma's death. No one is able to accept the fact that Tunisha embraced death at just 20 years of age. Everyone is missing the actress. In this sequence, in the memory of Tunisha Sharma, now her special friend and TV actress Reem Shaikh has written an emotional post. Reem posted and wrote- I know the world has not treated you right... I am sorry. I hope your soul finds peace now.


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