Sonam Bajwa asks Gurnam Bhullar to Unfollow Instagram Friends

When Sonam Bajwa asked Gurnam Bhullar To Unfollow All His Female Friends On Instagram?

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19th APRIL 2022 | India’s largest homegrown OTT platform, ZEE5 made its foray into Punjabi-language content last year and introduced the ‘Rajj Ke Vekho’ campaign which promised to premiere straight-from-the-theatre blockbuster titles. Post the premiere of Puaada, Jinne Jamme Saare Nikamme, and Qismat 2 on ZEE5, the OTT platforms’ viewers are in for a treat as the hugely successful 'Main Viyah Ni Karona Tere Naal' will now be easily available for all.

Sonam Bajwa and Gurnam Bhullar's romance is a matter of the moment as Sonam had rejected the proposal of the chocolaty boy of Punjabi cinema. We all know about the announcement Gurnam made on his social media, but Sonam has clearly stated that ‘Main Viyah Ni Karona Tere Naal’

The cupid has hit them both and they fall in love with each other as their songs "Jinna Jinna" and "Wakh Ho Jana" express the sizzling and fiery chemistry between the two. Their love has defined new boundaries of love and intimacy in the Punjabi industry and enhanced the romantic proposition. 

Their love story has witnessed all the equations between the couples, from friendship to love and also the nitty-gritty fights, but on asking if Gurnam to be her real-life partner what condition she has for him, Sonam asks Gurnam to unfriend all his female friends from his Instagram account.

Now, what conditions does Mannat(Sonam Bajwa) has for Pooran(Gurnam Bhullar) in the Movie ‘Main Viyah Ni Karona Tere Naal’. To know the conditions and Watch their love story and all the moments between them exclusively as the movie is now streaming on Zee5.


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