Shakti Mohan Shares her Pictures Watch Video Her Story

Mumbai 14th April, 2022: Shakti Mohan is not only pretty girl, but also a refined dancer. She is a television celebrity and known for her choreography. She is judge on many Dance reality shows. Often, her name is being connected with her co actor and show host Raghav Juyal. Who is very naughty and his acts sometimes enthralls audience in the show. You will see him doing comic acts and sometime romantic funny acts with Shakti Mohan. Shakti is sister of Mukti Mohan and Singer Kriti Mohan. All sisters are much talented and pretty in appearance. Their looks and witty appearances in the shows have always made their fan followings.

We met her and got to know the opportunity to know her better and her lifestyle. Her parents, her studies, and her dance school NrtiyaShakti




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