Save Soil Movement in Moti Ram Arya School Chandigarh

Save Soil Movement in Moti Ram Arya School Chandigarh

Moti Ram School in collaboration with Isha Foundation organised the seminar on Save Soil movement

Chandigarh 18th May, 2022: Moti Ram Arya School, Sector 27 Chandigarh, in collaboration with Isha Foundation organised the seminar on Save Soil movement. Dr Mona Chopra  MBBS, MD  ( Geriatrics)  the guest speaker along with Isha Foundation volunteers talked about the movement. Save Soil movement was started in collaboration with Sadhguru, founder of Isha foundation and UNCCD. She with her team beautifully described  the movement through a presentation. The movement seeks to activate and demonstrate citizen support across nations and empower governments to initiate policy-driven action to revitalize soil and halt further degradation.  Dr. Mona talked about Sadhguru’s  100-day, 30,000-km lone motorcycle journey from London on March 21, Sadhguru has travelled through a significant section of Europe- the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary- to press governments for urgent policy formulation to protect the agricultural lands of the world. The primary objective of the movement is to urge governments to ensure that agricultural lands contain a minimum of 3-6% organic content; without this, all agricultural soil will rapidly degenerate and turn to sand in which no food crops can grow, threatening global food and water security.

 The seminar was organised under the guidance of Principal Dr. Seema Biji and educators of class 12th grade. She talked elaborately about the Save Soil movement which will work towards inspiring about 3.5 billion people to support policy directions to safeguard nature and sustain soils.

Her well stitched thoughts and inspiring approach made the seminar more interesting and knowledgeable. 12th graders enjoyed the session thoroughly and at the end of the seminar the volunteers played their Save Soil Anthem which was the highlight of the day.  Dr. Mona encouraged all the students of the school to write  a letter to  our honourable  Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi urging him to take necessary steps and support Save Soil Movement. All the students of the school would write the letter to be handed over to our honourable Prime Minister by Dr. Mona . The session ended with the words of wisdom by Principal Dr. Seema Biji  which inspired and encouraged the students to join the movement and bring awareness about this initiative in their surroundings.

How can one help?

Dr.Mona explained to the students and educators  the role they can play in the movement. She further said that this movement is all about generating awareness and getting more people involved. As Sadhguru said, for 100 days we should talk about saving soil. Those hundred days he travels and meets world leaders to get the matter enshrined into governmental policies, we have just a tiny task of talking about #SaveSoil.A post per day on social media is enough to do your part. This any one can do. Just post #Save Soil on Instagram,Twitter and whatsapp groups.


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