Navjot Singh Sidhu Gets One Year Imprisonment

Navjot Singh Sidhu Gets One Year Imprisonment

The Supreme Court on Thursday sentenced former Punjab Congress president and former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu to one year imprisonment in the 1988 road rage case. After this the family of the deceased 65-year-old Gurnam Singh gave their first reaction. On Thursday, the victim's family interacted with the media in Patiala. During this, the family paid tribute to Waheguru. Parveen Kaur, daughter-in-law of Gurnam Singh, who died in road rage, said that we thank Baba ji. We had left everything to Babaji. Whatever Baba ji did, he did it right. We had full faith in Waheguru. At the same time, Saibi Singh, the grandson of the deceased Gurnam Singh, also expressed happiness over the court's decision. It is worth noting that this road rage case is 34 years old. Navjot Singh Sidhu was a cricketer at that time and on the day of the incident he along with his friend Rupinder Singh Sandhu had gone to the market at Sheranwala Gate in Patiala. There he had an altercation with a 65-year-old old man Gurnam Singh in the parking lot. During this, Sidhu had knocked the old man down with his knee. The old man was rushed to the hospital, where he died of a heart attack. In 2018, the Supreme Court released Sidhu with a fine of just Rs 1000.

What happened in the case

  1.     On the evening of 27 December 1988, a case of culpable homicide was registered against Sidhu and his friend Rupinder at Kotwali police station in Patiala.
  2.     In 1999, while giving relief to Sidhu, the Sessions Court dismissed the case.
  3.     In 2002, the Punjab government appealed against Sidhu to the Punjab-Haryana High Court.
  4.     On 1 December 2006, the High Court convicted Sidhu and Sandhu and imposed a sentence of 3 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1 lakh.
  5.     On 11 January 2007, Sidhu surrendered in court and was sent to jail.
  6.     On 12 January 2007, the Supreme Court stayed the High Court's sentence. Sidhu and his friend got bail. On the other hand, the complainant took refuge in the Supreme Court.
  7.     On 15 May 2018, the Supreme Court acquitted Sidhu of the charge of culpable homicide but imposed a fine of Rs 1,000 for causing hurt to Gurnam Singh, Sandhu acquitted.
  8.     Supreme Court agrees to hear review petition on 12 September 2018


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