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WhiteOak Capital Asset Management Company launches its first NFO ‘WhiteOak Capital Flexi Cap Fund’ 

Chandigarh, 11th July, 2022: WhiteOak Capital Asset Management Company today announced the launch of its first equity NFO ‘WhiteOak Capital Flexi Cap Fund’. This is an open-ended dynamic equity scheme investing across large, mid, and small-cap stocks. The NFO opens on 12th July and closes on 26th July. The minimum investment that can be made in the fund is Rs 500 and thereafter in multiples of Rs 1. The exit load of 1% on the NAV is only applicable if the units are redeemed within one month from the date of allotment and ‘Nil’ thereafter. Mr. Prateek Pant, CBO, WhiteOak Capital Asset Management Company said, “At WhiteOak, we consciously seek to maintain a balanced portfolio reflecting our team’s stock selection capabilities rather than being driven by non-stock specific macro factors such as market timing, sector, currency or other such factor exposures. We will strive to provide the best-in-class investment retail products to the retail investors of the country along with industry beating returns. 

The key objective of the scheme is to generate long-term wealth for investors by investing across the market capitalization spectrum. The fund aims to build an active, well-diversified portfolio, representing a cross-section of companies across major industries, economic sectors, and market cap segments. Further, no market-cap bias along with style and sector agnostic approach will lead to diversification which helps to mitigate the concentration risks. 

WhiteOak Capital Asset Management Company had inaugurated its office at Sector 22, Chandigarh on 21st March 2022. The company also has its offices at Jalandhar, Ludhiana, and Amritsar. This initiative was a step forward in the direction of covering the T30 locations of India. Also, this move will help achieve higher inclusivity through Omni-channel presence across physical, virtual, and digital channels. With a large population and increasing financial awareness, Chandigarh is an important market for the company. WhiteOak Capital AMC has already empanelled distributors and plans to open nearly 100 branches across 80 cities across the country in the next 12-18 months. India’s Mutual Fund AUM to GDP is just 12%, which is low compared to other large markets globally and is expected to grow in double digits for the next few years, with non-metro areas likely to contribute to the growth in a bigger way.  

Prashant Khemka, the founder of WhiteOak Capital Management, was the CIO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s India Equity and Global Emerging Markets Equity businesses. The AMC will be headed by Mr. Aashish P Somaiyaa who will be the CEO, along with Prateek Pant the CBO, and Mr. Ramesh Mantri the CIO of the AMC. This also makes WhiteOak Capital Asset Management among the few Indian asset management companies in India that was founded by an investment professional. WhiteOak Group manages totally more than Rs 40,000 crore of assets invested in India from investors globally. In addition, the team’s focus on alpha generation has consistently yielded peer-group leading performance across various funds since inception. 


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