Fans Shocked Stereo Nation Lead Vocalist Taz Passes Away

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UK 30th April, 2022:

Stereo Nation Lead Star Taz Tarsame Singh Saini Passes away

Fans and members of the music industry are deeply saddened by the death of Taz Tarsame SIngh Saini aka Stereo Nation.

His passing was reported by BBC Asia, as the network paid him tribute on Twitter. The late singer carved a niche for himself in the music realm with cross-cultural Asian fusion music. As the world mourns the loss of another talent, here’s what you need to know about him.

Who was Taz Stereo Nation?

Taz Stereo Nation, whose real name was Tarsame Singh Saini, was a British singer of Indian descent.Georgia and Tommy: Baby Steps Season Two Trailer He was the lead singer of the band Stereo Nation, formed in 1996.

His debut album Hit the Deck, topped the UK Asian pop chart for 36 weeks in 1989.Taz’s music was known for its fusion of Traditional Asian melodies with a Western pop sensibility. Some of his most notable works include Pyar Ho Gaya, Nachenge Saari Raat and Gallan Gorian. He also featured in films such as Don’t Stop Dreaming and Salsa. His most loved songs are Thoda Daru Vich Pyar Milade, Oh Carol, Galla Guriyaan and many more.

Singer recovered from coma

While the cause of Taz Nation’s death hasn’t been disclosed, it was previously revealed that he had come out of a coma. A statement shared on behalf of Taz Stereo’s family: “Dear All, Taz sir is no longer in a coma. He’s showing improvements every day.

“The family has thanked everyone for their support and prayers during this difficult time. When there is more positive news, the family will let us all know.” The above statement was released on March 23 this year. No further updates were provided on the singer’s condition. HITC offers its condolences to the family and friends of Taz at this difficult time.


Fans and friends mourn Tarsame Singh Saini’s passing

Several took to Twitter soon after learning about Taz’s passing to remember him for his great work and contribution to the music industry. Singer Sukshinder Shinda : “Deeply saddened to know about the demise of Pop Singer (and) my brother Taz Stereo Nation, aka Johny Zee . May Waheguru Ji grant peace to the departed soul and strength to the bereaved family.”“Absolutely shocked and saddened to hear the passing of Taz Stereo Nation. As his friend & lawyer, we had lots of fun and we never gave up when the going got tough. To god we belong, to god we return,” read a tweet by Addison Aaron International Lawyers. One fan Tweeted: “R.I.P Taz Stereo Nation. A pioneer in the music industry, who I grew up listening to.”

News Today Live pays tribute to legendary Tarsem Singh Taz, You'll be missed and loved forever. Your voice will always Echo in our hearts.


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