Ayahuasca Plant can give you experience of after death situation

Ayahuasca Plant can give you experience of after death situation

South America: Scientists have made strange claims about a plant found since ancient times. If the juice of this plant named Banisteriopsis caapi is drunk, then the feelings after death can be known. The juice coming out of this plant is called Ayahuasca. It is claimed that after drinking it, there is an experience of exiting the soul from the body. This feeling lasts from a few minutes to hours. Scientists have reached this decision after researching 13 people. Experiment in London...

This experiment was done at the Imperial College of London. The juice of this plant was given to 13 people. After this his experience was noted. It was revealed that this plant, found in the forests of Central America and Amazon, acts like a psychoactive drug. It contains such a high concentration of the psychoactive drug hallucinogen, that it gives a feeling of near death. The experiences of 13 people were combined with the experiences of 67 people who had experienced near death during an operation or coma. It was just like that.

One thing came out in common in both the groups, that is that everyone talked about seeing a bright light and feeling themselves out of the body. Apart from this, everyone talked about seeing themselves roaming in a different world. Some said that they found it very comforting. Like they are going to another world.

Can get the answer of after death

Leading this study, Dr Carhart Harris said that on the basis of these experiences, we can make an accurate estimate of what a person experiences at the time of death or after it. These experiences are entirely due to our mind.

Why was the research done?

Actually, many species living in and around Amazon consider this plant and its juice to be sacred. It is considered a medicine. For years, it is also associated with spirituality. It is said about this plant that it is a way to meet God. However, some things made from this plant were banned in America a few years ago. It is believed that this prepared juice acts like a drug. For this reason it is illegal to keep it and scientists are constantly researching it. Experts believe that this plant was used as medicine in ancient times. It is also mentioned in Sanskrit scriptures.


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