Animated Spiritual Movie Supreme Motherhood Mata Sahib Kaur Ji Released

The Hands Which Helped In The Making Of The Spiritual Animated Film; Supreme Motherhood; The Spiritual Journey Of Courage And Power; Mata Sahib Kaur Ji; Releasing On 14th April 2022 

14th April, 2022 The director of the film, Dr Baba Karandeep Singh Ji, a spiritual preacher, plays a vital role in the empowerment of the Sikh youth. The Westernised culture adopted by the present generation is devastating and destructive. Babaji took an initiative to spread the fragrance of spirituality and attract the mislaid souls toward the omnipotent.

During the preaching days, Babaji realized that girls today need a ray of hope and a mentor to help them peacefully walk the path of life. He started telling ‘sakhis’ to Sangat, especially girls, about Mata Sahib Kaur Ji, the Mother of the Khalsa Panth. After noticing the positive effects on the girls, Babaji felt that Mata Ji’s persona should be known by all the girls worldwide. 

So, Babaji proposed the idea to make an animated film on the incredible life of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji. This great initiative was announced during the first-ever ‘Smagam’ of Mata Ji in Punjab, in 2017. The Sangat appreciated the idea and were also ready to be a part of the project. As Babaji was not professionally a filmmaker, he gave an open invitation to the worldwide Sangat to contribute in every way possible. Over time, the movie attracted the tagline, "For the Sangat, By the Sangat". It was a fully Sangat-led and Sangat-funded community project, making it one of a kind in the history of cinema.

Two of the voluntary team members, Bhagwant Kaur and Tajinder Kaur not only played an important role in making the film, but they are also an example of the impact of Mata Ji’s journey. Bhagwant Kaur left her teaching job and started a tiring lifestyle, travelling regularly to Mumbai for the production of the film. Similarly, Tajinder Kaur aka Action Kaur (named by the Sangat) completely transformed her Western lifestyle into a baptized Sikhni and started helping needy children in Punjab through sports and fitness. 

Being such a huge project, the team felt a big responsibility to work hard and fulfil their commitment. Many professionals volunteered as a labour of unconditional love (Seva), while others gave up their houses, worldly possessions, and savings, in the name of serving the Almighty through this film. The powerful act of sacrifice well depicts the saying, that everything is given by God and goes back to God in the end. Keeping aside their worldly wishes and working for the greater good, the Sangat has completed the project.

Portraying the heroic story while maintaining the dignity of Guru Sahib Ji is a big responsibility that is beautifully displayed in the animated form. Witness this creative presentation from Nihal Nihal Nihal Productions, SUPREME MOTHERHOOD: THE JOURNEY OF MATA SAHIB KAUR JI, releasing in cinemas worldwide on 14th APRIL 2022.



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